What is Sights?

Sights is a connected-classroom sight word learning tool that kids, parents, and teachers use together to help preK - 4th (and up) students learn to read sight words. Sights is comprised of two parts: 1) the Sights App for Parents, a classroom-connected flashcard app used for at-home studying, and 2) the Sights Dashboard for Teachers, a web-based sight word management tool for teachers to manage their sight words, test students in class, and track individual student progress.

How does Sights work?

Sights works by creating a sight word management tool for teachers that syncs to the sight word app used by parents and students at home. By simplifying at-home sight word studying and allowing teachers to see student’s at-home study progress, children ultimately learn to read sight words 3X faster.

To get started, Teachers should customize their sight words and levels. Teachers will then distribute their unique classroom code flyer (found in their Dashboard) to parents. The flyer will give parents the instructions they need to download the Sights App for Parents using the code on the flyer.

As soon as a parent downloads the App and signs up using the classroom code, their child will show up as a student in the Teacher Dashboard. This way, the child’s teacher can see their at-home study progress.

Teachers are responsible for testing students in class and moving students UP to the next level of sight words once they’re ready. Teachers also have the option of setting the level progression to "automatic," which means that students will automatically move to the next level after they’ve mastered the current one 3 times.

How much does Sights cost?

Sights is FREE for teachers and parents! Sign Up here.

Where do I log in to my Sights Dashboard for Teachers?

To access your Sights Dashboard for Teachers, visit www.getsights.com/dashboard. You can log in from any device with Internet access.

Where do I log in to my Sights App for Parents? (Parents)

To access your Sights App for Parents, open the app on your smart device. If you have the web app version, go to www.getsights.com/read.

How do I make my own sight word lists and levels?

Your Teacher Dashboard is pre-loaded with the Dolch 100, but you can also choose from other lists as well as create your own from scratch. Click the List Manager icon (top right, next to notifications), and then click into the current list to see a drop-down menu of Fry and Dolch lists. If you’d like to edit one of these lists, you’ll be prompted to save it as your own custom list (so you always have access to the original Fry or Dolch list). To assign one of those lists to your current classroom, open the list then click the “Make Default” button. To create a custom list, click the "New List" link at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

  1. If you’d like to assign a specific list to an individual student, click the menu icon to the far right of the student’s name. Click the name of the current list they’re assigned. You’ll then be able to assign a different list to that student by choosing a list and clicking "OK."

How do I manage my sight words & levels?

Go to your List Manager (top right, next to notifications icon).
Click ADD to add a word, then hit Enter.
Delete a word by hovering over the word, then click the X.
Create a new level by scrolling to the bottom and clicking “Add New Level”.
Delete a level by hovering over a level, then click X in the upper righthand corner.
Drag and drop to rearrange levels.

What is the classroom code?

The classroom code is what connects the Teacher Dashboard to the Parents App. The Sights App for Parents requires the classroom code from a teacher.

How can I move my child up to the next level of sight words? (Parents)

Your child's teacher has control over moving your child up to the next level of sight words. He or she will test students in class and then moves them UP to the next level when they're ready. OR, the teacher will set the level progression to "automatic," which means that your child will automatically move to the next level after they’ve mastered the current one 3 times. *If you are using Sights without connecting to a classroom, check out this Parent How-To for directions.

How do I move my students up to the next level of sight words? (Teachers)

You can either manually move your students up using the + to the left of their name, OR you can turn on Automatic Level Progression. To do so, check the "Automatic Level Progression" box in your classroom's Settings menu. This will allow the Sights App for Parents to automatically move your students UP to the next level after they've mastered their current level 3 times.

Is there a report or graph of each student’s progress?

You bet! To the far right of each student’s name is a menu icon. Click this icon and choose “Student report.” Here, you’ll find the student’s progress, new words they’ve mastered, class average, and other helpful data.

I teach multiple classes. Can I create multiple classrooms in Sights?

Sure can! In your Dashboard, click into your current classroom name displayed in the upper left of the screen. You'll see the option to create a new classroom.

Once you've created your new classroom, you'll customize a unique set of sight words and levels, and you'll also have a unique classroom code for parents to use when they download the Sights App for Parents.

How do I refer other teachers to Sights?

Sharing Sights with your colleagues is easy! You can either email them our website (www.getsights.com), send them to our Twitter page (@educasic), or share a list with them (see next question).

How do I share my sight word list with colleagues?

When you’re in the List Manager of your Dash, click the Share icon, then type in the email addresses of the teachers you’d like to share your list with.

The teachers will get an email notification as well as a Dashboard notification. When they click the Dashboard notification (the bell icon in the upper right), they will be able to see your list. They can choose to save your list as their own.

Can I use Sights if I teach another language other than English?

Yes! With Sights, you can create custom sight word lists in whatever language you choose.

Can I use Sights if I homeschool my child?

Yes! What you could do is set up your Sights Dashboard for Teachers and create a classroom just for your child. Using the Dashboard, you can put together sight word levels for your child and track their progress. Then download the Sights App for Parents for your mobile device and sign up using the classroom code in your Dashboard. This way, you can study sight words with your child on the fly, and all data will be synced with your Dashboard.

Basically, you'll set up both the teacher and parent part of Sights.

When prompted to add the name of your school, click, "Add my school manually" and create a name. Here's an example:

If a student's parent doesn't download the app, can I still use my dashboard to track that student's progress?

YES! Just add that student to your dashboard manually by clicking on the 'Manually Add Student' link in the footer of your Dashboard.

How do I explain to a parent how to use the app?

Getting a parent connected to your classroom with Sights is easy! Be sure to give them your classroom code flyer, which can be printed right from your Sights Dashboard. Parents will sign up for Sights FREE of charge at www.getsights.com/read and save the web address to their phone's home screen. They'll create a login, enter their info as well as their child's, and then enter your classroom code from the classroom code flyer you’ve given them.

When a parent is ready to study with their child, they'll simply open the app, tap the GO button and the practice test begins. The test will go through the words from their current level, and the parent will either hit YES or NO depending on if the child knows the word. At the end of the study test, the app will tell them which words they mastered and which need to be studied for the next test.

App test results are tracked in real-time in your Teacher Dashboard so you can follow their progress at home. *Parents can also set up reminders to practice with their child from the Settings in the app - it will send them an email when it's time to study!

When should I archive my classroom?

At the end of the school year (or at the end of your sight word curriculum) archive your classroom by clicking “Archive” in your classroom Settings menu Classroom Settings. This will deactivate your classroom, leaving only student data available to you.

What happens to all my student data collected by Sights?

All student testing history is securely tracked and managed in the Teacher Dashboard. Teachers are able to see history from at-home practice tests (including date, time, and words mastered/missed), as well as in-class test results and history. Data can be printed for Parent-Teacher conferences or for sharing with administrators. *Educasic does NOT share student data with third parties. We track data so teachers can be better informed about their students' progress and so we can make improvements to Sights.